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4-Week Training & Nutrition Program


Everyone’s body is different. Why should your training program be the same?

Kick those unhealthy habits and get in shape with our custom 4-Week Training & Nutrition Program! Whether you’re looking to lose fat or build muscle, I will construct a program tailored to your needs and circumstances. With your custom program you’ll get:

👉 A Custom 4-Week Training & Nutrition Program

👉 Exclusive access to my email and phone for any of your fitness needs

👉 Access to the PureMuscle Training blog for motivation, helpful tips, and recipes

We’re so sure you’ll love your program that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! No questions asked.

Who Needs It?

Are you looking to lose fat or build muscle but not sure where to start? We make it easy! Just follow your guided exercises and nutrition plan to get started.

Why PureMuscle Training?

We’re different than the other guys. With thousands of generic workout plans around the web, it sure is easy to find one. The problem? Your body is different than anyone else’s. Your body reacts differently to certain foods, certain exercises. We use this information to benefit you. We design our programs with you in mind!


First purchase the training & nutrition program of your choice. Next, one of our personal trainers will reach out to you via email asking about your goals and circumstances. Finally, your trainer will design a program that is custom tailored with your goals and circumstances in mind.

No! Just let your trainer know that you do not have a gym membership and your program will be designed with that in mind!

No! Women are happy to purchase our training programs and will be designated an appropriate trainer based on their goals and circumstances!

Once your training and nutrition program has ended, simply purchase your next program and you will be assigned the same trainer as your previous purchase.

Anywhere from 20-45 minutes! Depending on your availability and time constraints, your plan will be tailored just for you.

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